Thermal Components, inc.

6-46-8, Higashi-Nippori,
Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0014

Capital: JY 10 million

President: Sadao Yoshimura

Founded: January 1994

Commenced: February 1996

Corporate Mission
To expand the network of small and mid-size businesses, both domestic and overseas and create new business opportunities, through the restructuring of existing sales and distribution systems and the development of new markets. With minimum investment, we will create the best combination of functions (corporate/individual), according to the requirements of the business cycle, in order to compete in the global marketplace.

Main Products Business Introduction
Development, manufacturing, and sales of heat sinks and related accessories for electronic/communications equipment. Ultra-lightweight heat sinks gFLUMINUMh, heat sinks/ Miracle clips/Power clips for BGA/QFP, clips & heat sinks for ZIF socket 5/7/370, heat sinks & clips for Power PC G3/G4, NETi Internet Service Provider for businesses and organizations, management of the Industry Exchange Mall gAIDAh, and promotion of the Industrial Network. @

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