Development, manufacturing and sales of heat sinks for electronic/communications equipment and related accessories. Providing samples and mass production of heat sink units for Power PC/QFP/BGA, natural/forced air-cooled heat sinks for CPU, custom designed for ASIC/Peltier to industrial equipment specifications.

FT28 series
28 mm square-type heat sink made by aluminum forging. Heights: 10mm/15mm/18mm
This series uses our Miracle Clip MC3562 as the mounting hardware.

Power Mega H30
The "Power Mega-30" is a thin-type aluminum plate fin heat sink with a built-in fan for the CPU, which has a total weight of 95g. It is compatible with Socket370, and is suitable for high-speed CPUs such as the Intel/PentiumIII FC-PGA(1.0GHz). The heat sink has an outstanding multi-faceted liquidity, and its fan motor is equipped with a pulse sensor. Fan Motor size: 50mm x 50mm. Outer Dimensions: H30mm x W50mm x L60mm.

A super-lightweight/high performance aluminum plate fin type heat sink; H=35mm/W=53mm/L=62mm. For use with Pentium III FC-PGA1.0GHz. Total weight (including the clip): 120g, Thermal Resistance Factor: 0.85°C/W(2.0m/sec).

A heat sink for Intel Mobile Module Pentium III; Height: 25mm/30mm/35mm. Standard specification; thermal seat, screw mount type.
Pictured: 25CX8562

Height: 25mm / Width: 50mm / Length: 50mm
A lightweight, high performance heat sink, made of 50mm wide grid type extruded material. The length can be changed.

For use with Power PC (G3/G4=BGA/QFP). Size: H24mm x W50mm x L50mm, 12V/5V. See guidance chart for clip mounting method.
Thermal performance: 1.35°C/W

For use with ASIC/Graphic chip, Size: H23‚‚~W42mm~D42mm. 12V/5V
Thermal performance: 1.65°C/W
No mounting hardware, attach with adhesive glue or double-faced adhesive tape.

F series
F series list
[Forging Process]
Round pin type heat sink made by aluminum cold forging process Units of maximum size 50mm and maximum height 25mm ready for immediate delivery.
cx series
CX series list
[NC machine/crosscut process]
Crosscut heat sink made of A5052P Sheet Flexible height: applicable to heights of 5mm - 12mm
EX series
EX series list
[Extrusion process]
Crosscut heat sink made by extrusion process Facilitates high volume, low-cost manufacturing